Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Scratch that list!

I love lists. Well, I love scratching things off a "To Do" list, anyway. My list for this week was getting rather long. In fact, I was forgetting some of the items that needed to be added to the list. 

You know how it goes: you have something in the back of your mind, you need the something now, but it's not happening. I do that pretty often. It's my main reason for having a list. 
In fact without a list, I will do 100 other things--none of them important or necessary. That ADD will get me every time. Some time ago I found this To Do app for my phone. I really like that I can use it in several ways. Mostly I use it to help me stay focused. 

In the screen shot above, there are actually two lists. On the left side is the list I looked at this morning. On the right side is the list tonight. I managed to strike off four items today. Yay!

Of course there are times when electronics just won't cut it. Those are the times for "old school" apps: pencil and paper. When I work on a quilt, I write notes and pin them to the quilt block(s) or strips. I'm not very neat but that doesn't matter. What matters is that I have paper and pencil/marker/pen close at hand and use them. 

I find that keeping a notepad near my worktable doesn't work: I lose it. Instead, I just tear off pieces from any paper that is handy. I recycle, sure, but mostly it's fast and easy. Those scraps in the picture above are the actual notes that I wrote and pinned to the last quilt I made.

The first item on my To Do list for today is to make Leta's bunting. It's for a tea party shower that she is helping with. I agreed to make the bunting and have put it off waiting for her to get back to me. Well, no more. It worried me that I'd forget completely. So today was THE DAY. And here it is.

A couple of the items that I crossed off I can't show you. Just believe that I ordered my medicine. :) Oh and I really did log on and change my password. Easy, quick, done!

And this is the last that I accomplished today. Two members of our guild donated this lovely quilt to be sold (or raffled) to raise money for future projects. My job as president, was to pick up the quilt,  add a hanging sleeve to the back, and display it in the local museum. Hopefully the extra traffic that they get during an annual Easter festival will bring in a buyer. 

 I managed to get the sleeve stitched on yesterday and brought it to the museum today. Luckily, the lady who works at the museum is very accommodating and helped me in hanging it.

Since I've played with Google photos for an hour now, trying unsuccessfully, to create an animation for tonight's post, I'm going to call it a night. Here's hoping your day was at least as productive.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: TURQUOISE

Image result for turquoise green
(Like my brain can differentiate this beautiful mess) 
Do you find it difficult distinguishing between those blue-green colors that we call turquoise, teal, and aqua? I do. It seems that every time I name a color in this family, my artist friend reminds me that it's actually something else. 

The problem is not being corrected, it's remembering which is which even after the many, many reminders. Kind of like recognizing a face but not being able to put a name to it. Guess what? Google knows the difference! Of course, right. 

Image result

Not only did I find an explanation, I found this paint chip photo. The definition may help: aqua-blue water; turquoise-light blue with some greenish; teal-dark blue-green. 

Beautiful turquoise iron stairs

I want a book stack like this! - Oooh! 2 of my favorite things: books and the color turquoiseI really need a mnemonic for this sort of memory to stick, so I'm going with a crazy way to remember. aqua is water blue (no brainer); turquoise (light blue with some greenish) is a long word with a long definition; teal a four-letter word has a four-letter definition (dark). I know, it's not the best, but it may help.
ocean wave....                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Notice that Pinterest doesn't distinguish among the colors. If you search aqua, teal, or turquoise, you'll get all three, so maybe the mnemonic may be of use after all. 

photo by Rick Ligthelm

Find and save ideas about Colorful birds, Pretty birds, Beautiful birds and Tropical birds.

flora-file                                                                                                                                                      MoreBleu pendentif en turquoise turquoise howlite par BubbleGumGraffiti

Some of the quilts here have all three colors from this family, but I'm including them because photographs can appear differently. Using the colors as they appear on your device, try to distinguish between them. Did I get it right...are there more quilts with turquoise? 

turquoise nine patch quiltwww.psiquilt.com/2011/05/escapade-loves-poseidon.html

Stunning "Blue Ribbon" quilt by Kent Williams.

Pretty!  Love the colors... so soothing and BEACHY!I like this quilt..

Swoon quilt with darker background....most are done with white background fabric.

Tula Pink's Pancakes pattern in blues and seafoam. Girls in the GardenVarious size blocks allow for varying size prints

Love these colors: tangerine, Aqua, gray, turquoise

Used Rapid Fire's Hunter Star ruler.  TamarackShack's lovely quilting!Rail Fence Quilts

Recently I got together with a group of women for a sew day.  We meet monthly and I always teach a technique and we make a quilt for charit...

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pin It Weekly #237

Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter of New Orleans, LAMy Pinterest is growing! Yes, indeed, I've been pinning. Not as much as I'd like, but I do have other social media demands. (Ha!)

I recently found a few more quilts for "heart, quilts" and (this is crazy) more covered bridges.  Are there that many covered bridges?

Plus, I added to my "Louisiana, home" board with mostly New Orleans photos. There are well over 200 pins on this one board.

Le Pavillon Hotel—New Orleans, Louisiana.
We love the city and have been many, many times (especially when we were young), so we've seen almost every one of the places on this board. I've stayed at Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter, Le Pavillion on Poydras Street, and a couple of places on Canal Street.

Richard and I especially enjoyed spending a weekend in the city to attend a show at the Sanger Theater, eat at one of the fabulous restaurants, and just enjoy a stroll along one of the city streets or ride a trolley car. The architecture of NOLA is unrivaled, and the museums offer interesting, often-changing displays. I saw the King Tut treasures in NOLA in 1978. 

Typical French Quarter courtyardMy favorite place to stay. Hot biscuits and cafe au lait for breakfast in the courtyard.

SOUTHERN CHARM-NEW ORLEANS - The courtyard of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New Orleans #NOLA

 Love the setting...as long as it's not a naughty bar. #markeric

New Orleans photography, new orleans prints, large wall art, french quarter art, nola art, historic architecture, teal decor, travel by DreameryPhoto on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/249757919/new-orleans-photography-new-orleans

How to See New Orleans (NOLA) in Style for Less $$New Orleans shady courtyard and fountain.

New Orleans Courtyard

St Charles trolley in New Orleans is the oldest continuously operated street railway in the world.

New Orleans

Preservation Hall by Rocco Biscieglia, via 500pxCafé Du Monde ~ beignets and chicory coffee

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery No.1

 bookstore in the french quarter, new orleans, la

Recipe for New Orleans Crawfish Boil - I promise you’ll enjoy this cajun delicacy.If you've never come to New Orleans, now is the perfect time. The weather is perfect, kids are still in school so there are fewer visiting families, and crawfish season is upon us. You can get them cooked in a number of ways: boiled, jambalaya, red or brown gravy, etouffe, po'boys and deep fried with a slew of other wonderful seafood delicacies. 

And that's just one meat. Imagine what we do with shrimp, fish, oysters, rice, beans, (well, you get the idea). As the saying goes: 
Come home to Louisiana.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Louisiana zine and more quilting

small logo for link
Want a little more Louisiana? You can find it right here! This online mag "celebrates the culure, heritage, and cuisine of Louisiana."

I just happened across it while searching for a certain quilt show. I didn't find the show, but it may have something to do with not getting any farther than this interesting piece of online real estate. Anh, someone else is doing the legwork for the quilt show. I took a few minutes and liked what I found. There are over 1,600 recipes, events calendar, and cooking videos. If you have a few minutes, you should go.

Otherwise, I've been working on the latest tee-shirt quilt. Today I spent the morning making a backing. I wanted to include some of the shirts in the quilt but that would make it much too large and time consuming to quilt. Rather I sewed them into the backing, which took longer than I anticipated. 

That was mostly because I didn't look closely at the fabric on the bolt. Apparently I emptied the bolt and reused it. The fabric on it now is only 44" wide, not the 108" that I expected. Talk about a surprise!

I actually measured the amount needed and cut it before realizing there was a problem. That may be because the fabric on the bolt is a regular weight quilting cotton, not the lightweight muslin I thought.

Anyhoo, I got it all resolved and the backing looks pretty good. I loaded the quilt after lunch and began quilting. It's going relatively easily, so I'm happy. 

And my day ended with getting to some guild duties: sending out emails, setting an appointment, texting a member or two to check on their progress, that kind of stuff. It's the stuff that I really don't enjoy but have to get done. It does feel good to know that those chores are out of the way.

How is your day going? Were you able to get some quilting done or did you manage to get through some of the not-so-fun chores?

Monday, March 12, 2018

Memory Tee-shirt Top ~~ Finished!

Last week I told you that Richard gave me a hand cutting tee shirts for a memory quilt for a client who had purchased one for her older son a couple of years ago. That help really paid of: I was able to begin sewing blocks together and got a couple of strips made, although they were far from working together. But I have to start somewhere. 

I made a few more seams yesterday and got this far with the top. One of my problems was that I had way too many shirts. So I spent some time trying to solve that problem, which paid off. 

And tonight I can report that the quilt top is complete. I had hoped to load it on the long-arm this afternoon, but babysitting duties got in the way. I really like the way this one turned out. I must admit that making these memory quilts does get easier with each completion, even if I'm rather burned out. 

If all goes well, I'll load the quilt on the machine tomorrow and perhaps even get a few stitches in. It will take a few minutes, however, because I have a strip of shirts to add to the back panel. It's all those white net-type athletic shirts that have the large holes, so they will need a black cotton backing before attaching them to the muslin.

A quilt top, a quilt bottom, some batting and lots of memories for a graduate: not all that difficult after all. What's your favorite part of making memory quilts?

Friday Finish Update: the quilting on this memory quilt is complete! I hope to add binding and label early next week and get it off to its owner. I sent photos of the completed top and she is very excited about seeing the finished quilt.

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